The National Council on Prices and Reimbursement of Medicinal Products was established pursuant to Art. 258 of the Law on the Medicinal Products in Human Medicine (Promulgated, SG 102/2012).


The Council is a state budget supported legal entity, a secondary allocating body of budget credits. It has the status of a state commission based in the city of Sofia.

       The National Council is a collegial body composed of a president and six members. The body shall be represented by the President and its composition shall include three medical doctors or masters of pharmacy, two lawyers and two economists, all with experience in the specialty of not less than 5 years.
The composition of the National Council of Prices and Reimbursement of

      Medicinal Products were elected by Decision № 200 of 21 March 2013 of the Council of Ministers.

      The activities of the Council shall be assisted by an administration whose structure and organisation shall be determined by rules adopted by the Council of Ministers.
According to the functions referred to in Art. 259 of the Law on the Medicinal Products in Human Medicine, the National Council shall approve and record the prices of medicinal products including products in the Positive Drug List (PDL), approve pharmacotherapeutic guidances and recommendations for algorithms for the treatment with medicinal products, exercise control over the sale of medicinal products with approved prices.

     The National Council shall keep and update public registers of:
- the prices of medicinal products included on the PDL and paid with public funds;
- the ceiling prices of the medicinal products subject to medical prescription, which are not included in the PDL;
- the maximum sale prices of medicinal products, which are not subject to medical prescription;
- the Positive Drug List.